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Welcome to Unrewarded Geniuses!

UG started as a result of parenting my oldest, who since birth exhibited signs of hyperlexia and giftedness.

I have found that writing about my experiences as a parent has helped me to reflect and process my parenting, and become a better parent! My work as a former teacher and researcher have given me the background for my work, but my kids are my real motivation. Now that my brood has grown by two more the questions just keep coming.

Scroll through the home page or click the menu items if you are looking for something specific. If you have any questions, you can find me on UG’s Facebook page, or feel free to email me at unrewardedgeniuses@hotmail.com.

And I look forward to sharing our experiences with you!

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  1. Hello, I just wanted to say that I am very glad to have found this blog. I have long suspected my almost-3 year old daughter as being hyperlexic on the basis that she is already reading/memorizing entire books but has very little functional language. Though our pediatrician did not believe my daughter to be on the ASD spectrum, she made a referral for us anyway and we are bracing for the diagnosis. After finding the works of Darold Treffert and Phyllis Kupperman, I became familiar with Hyperlexia. And, as anyone with Ph.D. training would do, I hopped on Google Scholar and read all of their publications. Your blog humanizes this subject. I look forward to learning more about your son’s journey as well as glean some insight as to how I can best educate my daughter in unconventional ways.


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