Emergent Literacy: Five Friendly Bumblees Rhyme

After a week of rain, the sun was out today! So I thought we would do a fun rhyme outside with these five bumblebee cutouts I found in my craft stash.  

Rhymes are a fun way to encourage language development and promote early literacy skills.  Further, I thought learning about bumblebees could be a nice science addition to our day.  I looked for a good bumblebee rhyme on Pinterest and was honestly dissatisfied with the leading rhyme…bring home a bumblebee!? And then squash it?! No thank you.  Head over to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to learn more about bumblebees and how important they are to our environment!

Here is the rhyme I whipped up instead:

One friendly bumblebee

Needed a friend for her colony

She found a friend and now there’s two

Bumblebee friends and away they flew

Two friendly bumblebees

Needed a friend for their colony

They found a friend and that makes three

Bumblebee friends flying ’round a tree

Three friendly bumblebees

Needed a friend for their colony

They began to smell a friend was nearby

Now they were four bumblebees flying high

Four friendly bumblebees

Needed a friend for their colony

They spotted a fifth pollinating wildflowers

They waved hello and played together for hours


Five friendly bumblebees

Happy to have their colony

Off to find more bumblees!

Burrowing deep for their colony

No squashing of bumblebees here! After our rhyme, we took our bees on the move.

They flew!

They got covered in rocks.

They went down to their burrows. (If you didn’t know, bumblebees use burrows in the ground!)

They even did some pollinating! 

This rhyme was so much fun!  Our bumblebees went everywhere with us today.  

Yes, even the trampoline.  You’d be surprised how much fun kids can have just by bringing out some paper cutouts.  And think of what they can learn! 

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