Fun Flip Books: ABC’s and Numbers

The back to school supplies are out at Walmart this week, and we love to look through the aisles to see what kinds of goodies we can find!

Today we found these index cards on a spiral for just over a dollar!

And we turned them into an alphabet flip book and a numbers flip book!

My toddler was especially excited about the alphabet book.  She is just starting to recognize written letters and enjoys hearing the ABC song.  She also loves having books that are just her size. Win-win!  With adult support, older toddlers can begin to recognize and name uppercase and lowercase letters, important pre-reading and pre-writing skills!

My son wanted to write the numbers book himself.  I thought we would just go to twenty, but he wanted to fill up all fifty pages.  So we did!  The numbers flip book allows children to explore number sense and counting.  Up for a challenge?   Introduce skip counting by twos or fives using the numbers flip book.  Though skip counting is typically a K+ skill, children exposed to numbers early may have fun exploring the different relationships between numbers!

Aside from reading the flip books, independently or with parent support, children can use small pom poms or uncooked beans to further familiarize themselves with the numbers and letters (and for an added fun component!)

Here is my son decorating his letter of choice.  Added bonus of fine motor skills honing here!

So there you have it.  Fun flip books that cost me just over a dollar each!  They are fun to make, are portable and convenient (need car ride entertainment?), and most importantly they promote letter and number awareness and recognition. 

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