You know you are a parent of a hyperlexic child when…

I have to say it is quite interesting to be the parent of a child with hyperlexia.  My parental emotions are constantly battling between worrying myself to death (will he ever fit in?) and amazement (when did he learn THAT?).  Anytime my son does something  spectacular, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

One thing I do know is that it helps to know that you are a part of a community of parents who are experiencing similar feelings!  We are all in a constant state of bewilderment as we try to figure out the best way to parent/guide/mold/coach/teach these young minds.  So here is my list, which is in no way diagnostic, inspired by living with and loving a hyperlexic child.

You know you are a parent of a hyperlexic child when:

  • You open up a book to read and he says “Do you want to look at the index?!” And you reply with excitement: “Yes, yes I do!”
  • Your child laughs at you when you mispronounce a word
  • Your child says “let’s listen to number 7” and then proceeds to sing all the words (and you’ve only heard it once)
  • Your outside patio is always filled with numbers written in chalk
  • Your child can add and subtract but can’t take off his own shirt
  • The mega blocks and legos at your house are covered in number stickers…actually EVERYTHING is covered in number stickers
  • You have to give your child directions ten times before they hear you (and even then they still didn’t hear you!)
  • The walls of your house are filled with maps and charts
  • Your child has been referred to as a mini Sheldon Cooper
  • You try to make things more appealing by adding letters and numbers to them (Letter shaped pasta! Yes, please!)
  • You need a cheat sheet to see if your child is saying the ABC’s backwards correctly (he can’t be doing that, right?)
  • Your child can name more countries of the world than you can
  • Your child answers your questions with quotes from books (and usually they are entirely irrelevant)
  • You are simultaneously worried and proud of your little hyperlexic enigmaHave any more to add? Leave a comment! Or find my Facebook page and leave one there. 😊


  1. Or you start making crosswords and code-crackers for your 4 year old…
    You get corrected when you get the Democratic Republic of the Congo flag mixed up with the Republlic of the Congo…
    Picture books only have words and no pictures

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