This is Me When My Kid is Having a “No, No, No Day”

You know one of those days when your kid wakes up and everything is THE WORST?!?

She wakes up and instantly starts yelling. 

Breakfast is awful. 

Shoes? Nope!

There is no way she is sitting in that grocery cart. 

Not in the mood for a playdate, either.

These illustrations are from my toddler’s new favorite book: Rebecca Patterson’s My No, No, No Day.   The book is really, very cute.  My daughter is in love with this little girl’s antics, as you can imagine.  She can easily relate to screaming to get out of the shopping cart and whipping off her shoes when we are walking down the street.  She thinks it’s hilarious. 

Me?  I relate to this lady…

The mom.  

The mother of this child who is having the worst day.

The mom who at breakfast time is like: Ok, I can see we are going to have a rough day, but we will get through it.

But at the grocery store: Really? I have no desire to be here either.  And now ten people are staring. 

And at the playdate doing my best Ben Stein voice: There goes the only adult conversation I will get all day.

And during tooth brush time: This is the end.  This is it.  I’m going to lose my sh*t.  

And then finally.  The biggest smile you will see on my face all day: Who wants a story before BED?!

Everytime we read this book which lately has been a few times a day(!!!), I am always looking at the mom.   

Because you know there are those days when it is just TOUGH.  No matter how great of a mom you are or how hard you are trying, when your child is having a bad day, that bad day just always, ALWAYS rubs off on you.  And you don’t think you’re gonna make it. 

But the crazy thing is…you DO make it. 

And that little monster snuggles up to you at bedtime and looks up at you with those tried and tired eyes. 

And you just can’t believe you love her so much.  And you know that even on her bad days, she is still EVERYTHING to you.  And you made it through this terrible day TOGETHER.

So Mom with that kid screaming to get out of the cart at the grocery store?  You will get through this.  And Mom trying to enjoy a few minutes of a playdate without your kid biting or kicking or punching another kid?  You will get through this. 

And Mom, when at bedtime you lay and wonder how you could ever love this little ball of emotions so much?  I feel you!!!  

Because this mom is me.  We are all this mom.  We love our kids with every ounce of our soul…even when they are having a no, no, no day. 

We received this book as part of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  Free books anybody??  If you haven’t signed up for this yet, you need to check it out!!    You can also find Rebecca Patterson’s My No, No, No Day on Amazon.  Here is the Kindle version.  Since it was published internationally it is also listed as: My Big Shouting Day.


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