School Morning Routine Checklist with Race Cars

Today was my son’s first day of preschool!  He is in the morning session, so our day starts pretty early (8:20!).  Though we are morning people, it still is a little tricky getting out the door to our destination.  Here he is greeting his teacher (And staring at the big letter “B” on the door)!

One thing that helped us get out the door seamlessly and painlessly this morning was our race car checklist.  After browsing the internet yesterday for “school morning routine checklists” to help him get ready in the morning, I couldn’t find one that he would really be invested in.  So we made our own!  After a quick trip to Target, we were ready to begin. 

So here’s what you will need in terms of supplies:

  • A small poster board
  • Race cars (one for each task the child needs to complete) 
  • Road tape (we found this in the dollar bin)
  • A soft pencil case to store the cars
  • Some tape or glue for the pencil case
  • A sharpie

Begin by drafting a list of tasks your child needs to complete to get ready for school.  We kept our list short, since my son is only 4.  Write the tasks at the top of the poster board.  Try to put them in the order that your child will complete them.  We always eat breakfast and brush teeth before getting dressed, since my son tends to make a mess during these tasks. We settled on: eat breakfast, brush teeth, clothes on, put on shoes, use bathroom.  

Draw a box for each task.  These are the race cars parking spots! 

Next, affix the road tape.  My kids couldn’t resist joining in for this step!

Finally, tape or glue the soft pencil case to the bottom of the roads.  Complete!

You can attach hooks, so that your checklist can be hung up; I used some old curtain rod hooks I had.  We put ours right next to this backpack.  

In the morning, my son just takes it down and puts it on the table to begin his tasks.  We park all the race cars in their parking spots.  As he completes a task, he drives it down the road and into the pencil case.  After all tasks are completed, his cars are in the pencil case and his checklist is ready to be hung back up.  He hangs it up, grabs his backpack, and we head out the door!

If your child loves race cars, hopefully you will find some use for a race car checklist!  Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any other great ways to help your children get ready in the morning before school!


  1. I think this is the most genius thing I’ve ever seen. My boy starts school next week and I am dreading getting him out of the house on time..I’m making this as I’m sure it will help encourage him to get through the morning routine.x #BlogCrush

    Liked by 1 person

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