Jump and Play All Day: A Rhyme with Leaves and Colors

Like I mentioned in Five Purple Pumpkins, we have been looking for some new Fall activities to try out. Jump and Play All Day is a simple rhyme that teaches children Fall colors with felt, paper, or real leaves. Children are active participants in the rhyme; they toss the leaves when the color is called, and then they pretend to jump in a leaf pile.

To prepare, I cut various green, red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves out of cardstock. Then, I put Velcro on the back of each leaf so that the leaves could attach to the “tree.” The tree was a little trickier. I attempted to attach some brown cardstock to a wrapping paper tube, so that they looked like branches. The tree is definitely not Pinterest worthy, but the kids didn’t mind so I still consider it a win!

Look at all that tape on the back! 🤣🤣🤣

After the leaves were cut and attached to our wrapping paper tube tree, we were ready to take the activity outside.

The kids were super pumped about the tree and were running around with it and making it “sway in the breeze” (and nobody mentioned the excess tape lol!)  

After the initial excitement died down, we started the rhyme. It is simple enough that children can start joining in after a few verses. Click on the link below to download and print the PDF or keep reading for the rhyme. 

Jump and Play All Day

Jump and Play All Day

Green leaf is falling, falling to the ground

Dancing and prancing joyfully around

And we can jump and play all day, all day!

We can jump and play all day!

(Repeat with the following colors)
Red leaf is falling…

Orange leaf is falling…

Yellow leaf is falling…

Brown leaf is falling…

When a color is called, children find that color leaf on the tree, pull it off, and throw it (and watch it dance in the air)! Then everybody jumps during “we can jump and play…” 

My preschooler excitedly grabbed at the tree; I’m surprised at how sturdy it was! My toddler is not a color expert yet, but she could still easily join in with some help from brother. 

We all had so much fun with this rhyme, and it led to quite a few extension activities like…

New pretend play scenarios. After our rhyme, the kids wanted to rake up the leaves. So they got their toy rake and wheelbarrow and got busy! They also started dragging the slide over so that they could slide into their “leaf pile.” I will say we did have a tantrum here as it was a very small and sad looking leaf pile. We had a pretty good discussion about how it is very early in Fall, so there aren’t many leaves yet. But believe me, the leaves will come!

We also took the wagon around the yard to collect as many colorful leaves as we could find. Since it is still early in the season, we were only able to find green, red, yellow, and brown (no orange!). Also, we compared our paper leaves to real leaves and looked for similarities and differences. If your child is interested, you can even model your paper leaves after their real leaf counterpart, and have your child learn about the different types of trees in your area. 

Let me know how this rhyme works for your preschoolers, or what extensions you encountered when you explored colored leaves!

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